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Restoration is designed to prompt the brain to fully restore itself to normalcy.

The "Nitty"

Restoration teaches your brain. As Restoration teaches, Restoration rebuilds. Restoration is an extremely complex, pattern recognition-based, or "Ultra-High Learning" (UHL) technology, represented as an intricate sequence of 1040 colored spheres, following a specific grid, on 4 discreet planes; 260 spheres per plane.

Restoration's grid is a perfectly symmetrical, universal Logic, represented as a Cartesian model, (with 260 visual, and 260 audial coordinates), which the brain uses to identify, and process the information within the high speed data. That process affects accelerated synaptic generation; fundamental to brain development.

Restoration is built to dynamically stimulate every area of the brain, from stem, to frontal lobe, in order to optimize intrahemispheric, and interhemispheric functionality. Restoration may also be effectively applied toward recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and even hemispherectomy (the removal of a brain hemisphere).

[Updated 11/23/2016]

A dynamic mind/body connection is required when using Restoration
. There are four things you must do for Restoration to work for you: While using Restoration, you must

1. Breathe fully, deeply, and rhythmically. e.g. “abdominally”.
2. Keep your gaze upon the oscillating globe-dot in the center of the viewing field,
    while you focus your attention on the synchronizing spheres. [How-to guidance is below]
3. Hum “Aum” (Om), in this manner: Pronounce it “ahh-oom”, but as
    a single syllable, while allowing the “m” to resonate in your
    cranium. (Practice that cranial hum by closing your lips, with
    your teeth slightly apart. Once you’ve got the “m” going, slightly
    pull the middle of tongue back toward the rear of your mouth.
    That slight shift redirects the sound upward, into your palate.
    Once you get a handle on feeling “m” in your cranium, be conscious
    of how the vibration goes through your skeleton, to your hands and feet.)
4. Emotion is essential; just be grateful.

Emotion is the catalyst required for Restoration to be fully effective for the user. Emotion is the fuel that, (when combined with the user's intention to heal, to be Transformed), generates a boundless Power, enabling the user to fully engage, and to accelerate the healing/Transformation process.

The two most effective emotions, in that regard, may be (a)
love, and (b) gratitude. If you love yourself enough to use
Restoration, while using it, consciously be grateful that it's free--such gratitude, exercised in the process of practicing such self-care, (i.e. self-love), is sufficient; and, it's the path of least resistance.

Actually, you may accomplish both steps 3, and 4, by either repeatedly intoning, affirming, or softly whispering, "Hallelujah!". Regardless of your religious orientation, that word, more than more than a dozen other power words, (like "love", and "gratitude"), generates a vibration that may be felt throughout the body, even with an intentional whisper. Intention is key; if you intend the word to help you facilitate positive brain rewiring it will be much more effective than if you just casually repeat it while thinking of many other things. Fyi; again, a path of least resistance.

Without Commitment, Nothing Great is Accomplished

You must fully commit to your recovery in order to restore the brain functionality you've lost. That means, regardless of anything else, you must use this software, as instructed, at least 2x pwe day, for 16 weeks. With
Restoration, you engage all of who you are to restore your brain to all that it may be. Consequently, using Restoration, you may not only heal your brain, you may become more than you ever were before. Doing so will shift your brain into a new, and much more integrated level of activity, and enable you to think more clearly, to problem solve more efficiently, and many other capacities that may enable you to experience a much greater quality of life--and, ultimately, that is why this is being given to you.


Before using
Restoration, if you are in a place where people may hear you, put on some music to mask your “Aum”. [Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, Country, and Alternative genres certainly will work against you. Avoid them, and go for mediational, classical, really mellow jazz, Bossa Nova, or just some wind chimes, or a shruti box. After all, you don’t need to be self-conscious when using it. This author has found several of the “Om” chanting videos online to be helpful. It is not wise to use one that is focused on a particular deity; period. Restoration arises from software developed to facilitate Universal Consciousness, thus such vids are best when likewise focused.

Most importantly, routine is essential. You must commit to using
Restoration shortly after you awaken from your night’s sleep, and shortly before going to bed. Doing so, you link your conscious intention to rebuild your brain, with your subconscious resources that know how to do that. This practice cannot be omitted, and it’s value cannot be overstated; develop a new daily life schedule for your new Restoration practice.

Restoration is [both the predecessor, and*] an outgrowth of "DreAMSM", the Dream Activation Module. DreAMSM “write” your personal vision board into the synaptic structure of your brain.
Restoration sequence is a slimmed version of


without several pattern sequences, and the accompanying vision board.

Medical Concerns

If you are sensitive to fast moving objects, and high pitched frequencies, we advise using this in the presence of your licensed medical practitioner first.

Do Not Try To Follow The Spheres. Doing so is kinda fun, but, you need the benefit of the perfectly symmetrical pattern, so keep your eyes in the center (i.e. dot), or middle, (oscillator), Dig?

Fine Print

Initially, Restoration must be used for a minimum of 90, consecutive days in order for the brain to fully get the memo about the upgrade. In the middle of that span, if it starts to seem boring, be mindful of the pulses of single tones, in one ear; then, how it's counterpart pulses at the same time in the opposite ear. Most of the tones, and counterparts are two octaves apart; when you do this exercise, you'll move beyond seeing and hearing the basic patterns, to hearing the "sentences" the Code is communicating.

Restoration is theoretical; in principle, it seriously kicks butt, however, there is no guarantee whatsoever that it works, or how well it may work, in practice--for you. [It's HyperAxon predecessors have proven to be highly effective, relative to many of their designed purposes; so, although the previous statement is legally prudent, it is also somewhat like saying Ghirardelli has made a new chocolate bar, based on their winning recipes, that they're not sure your brain may register as sweet, or that Rolls Royce has built a new SUV in which they're not sure you may feel comfortable. Of course it's sweet, and comfortable!] There may be several conditions that work against it being effective, relative to your particular case, including environmental conditions. And, the process of doing so takes a long time; perhaps at least 7 years.

But, without a change agent to get that journey started, the adult brain stays where it’s put, or is allowed to stay--and declines from there. Restoration is designed to be such an agent. With Restoration at least you can get the party started!

Suppose You Have No Brain Impairment?

estoration's cognitive enhancement, and consciousness enhancement benefits are universal. Everyone may gain from using Restoration--it may be used for general brain wellness, and  improvement, by the average, person living with no remarkable brain impairment


For optimum effect, use headphones. Headphones are not required. If you don't have them, and have speakers that may be angled toward your head, do so. If they are in front of you, imagine they are oriented toward a point 6 inches behind your head. If you only have laptop speakers, no prob'; just sit with it centered in front of you--the stereo panning is extreme, so your brain will clearly differentiate between the right, and left channels.

Low volume is highly recommended; low enough to have a normal conversation is good.

Restoration is NOT a binaural beat product.

PLEASE consult your physician prior to using Restoration.


Viewing Restoration [and, the Tzol'kin] From Center, and Perimeter; Simultaneously

Initially, it's normal to want to follow the dots, and to learn the pattern movements by moving your eyes. However, that manner of viewing does not galvanize the Tzolkin (ergo
Restoration) into a Transformative force for you. For the force to be effected, you must learn to hold your gaze on the oscillating microglobe in the center of the viewing field, while keeping your attention on the interacting spheres.

The best way to learn how to do that is to regard the 3rd pattern that is presented, i.e. the helix pattern. The helix creates a repeating pattern that is easy to hear. It sounds somewhat like a regularly pulsing sonar blip, (with harmonies), and you may be able to hear it, and even count the beat (so to speak) by using it.

Visually, simply watch how it sweeps in, and out, in, and out, in, and out, in, and out...
The audio pulse helps you to discern the visual pulse. Just start by focusing on that; you'll find this tip to be very helpful in this regard. Gradually, for the most part, you'll be able to discern that particular pattern, alone, throughout the synchronization process.

After your brain has that "locked in", it automatically begins to regard the other patterns too. With prolonged use, you may discretely view the movement of the individual patterns, at will, while your gaze lingers upon the center dot--between the 70th, and 90th day of use, that begins to occur naturally; you don't need to force it, you just need to use
Restoration every day for that to happen.

By literally viewing the Tzol'kin, in this manner, from the center, and perimeter, you lay the foundation for holistic brain restoration, and for a profound expansion of your personal Consciousness.

Provided by
The MERE Project Charitable Trust

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