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*Music Energy for the Regeneration of Earth

The MÈRE Project is a 501(c)(3) charitable trust, founded in 1992. MÈRE is an acronym for Music Energy for the Regeneration of Earth as well as the French word for "mother".

The MÈRE Project is committed to the advancement of the arts, religion and philanthropy via the presentation of music and multimedia arts, educational and inspirational materials. (With respect to our work in the advancement of religion, we do not focus specifically on any given religious tradition, rather the general, sacred relationship of humanity to the Divine and means by which that can be encouraged and enhanced.) Primarily, the trust's purpose is to produce and distribute music and the aforementioned materials to raise funds for other charitable organizations, with a focus on those organizations that directly serve youth, women, the arts and the planetary environment.

Presently, our activities are primarily focused on the prevention of youth suicide in the United States of America.  To that end, we provide crisis intervention resources including the The National Suicide Prevention Directory and Child/Youth Suicide Prevention Resources.  The Trust is also committed to developing philanthropic resources for children [and families with children] with AIDS.  In keeping with the meaning of the acronym in our name, we also provide Tzolkin-based software designed to designed to facilitate holistic synaptic generation.  Specifically, we provide "Restoration", one of the most advance HyperAxon products from Elvëa Systems.

Our Current Projects:

The National Suicide Prevention Directory

Established in the interest of advancing youth suicide prevention.

Ultra-High Learning Therapy for PTSD, TBI...

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